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With hair styling it is all about the prep! Making sure you use the right products to get the desired hair style can be half the battle, as we have all had curls that fall out in minutes. Prepping the hair before styling is as important as spraying hairspray on it after, using the right products to line the hair and make it workable will boost your hair styles durability and longevity and leave you looking fabulous for hours.

Achieve the perfect hair style for you, with this extensive range of hair styling products. Make your hairstyles unique in every way, using texture and shine to mould them into your desired shape, with many brands including Fudge, Moroccanoil and ghd. Make your image bold and give definition to your hair. Read Moroccanoil Information to find out more on your favourite Moroccanoil products.

What products to use?

To create curls - whether you want tight corkscrew curls or loose waves, you need to use a curl hold spray like ghd or mousse like KMS Curlup Wave foam, to set the curls in place. Note: always leave the curl to cool before styling it.

To create sleek straight hair - Start with a hair oil on wet hair, follow by a heat protector spray for blow dry and a straightening serum or smoothing balm like Joico, then add a touch of shine spray to finish.