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Revolutionizing the hair care industry, Moroccanoil has fast become the brand on everybody's lips when it comes to premium hair care that really works. It all began with the Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment, containing an antioxidant infused, nutrient rich formula with the key ingredient, Argan oil, taking center stage as to why Moroccanoil has become a best seller.

Starting out with a bad experience at a hair dressers, Moroccanoil's co founder, Carmen Tal, was taken to another salon where her hair was treated with the amazing Argan Oil that left her hair shiny, soft and manageable again.

After much research and development, Moroccanoil was born and word spread fast of how Moroccanoil's formulas were transforming women's hair. Embraced by the world of celebrity, runway stylists and women from all over, Moroccanoil now has an extended line of hair care and styling products that suit all hair and skin types.