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When selecting hair conditioners you want the best conditioner for your hair type. We have a wide range that will repair, revitalise, rejuvenate and condition your hair and we stock big brand names such as Moroccanoil, Neil George and Fekkai. Transform your hair with the great range of conditioners from Beauty Expert, and no conditioner is complete without a shampoo counterpart, find yours here. Read Moroccanoil Information to find out more on your favourite Moroccanoil products.

How to pick the best conditioner for your hair

Fine hair - when your hair is fine but also needs the loving treatment of a conditioner, opt for a light style conditioner such as a spray or hair oil, or alternatively only place the conditioner on the ends of your hair when washing.

Medium hair - people with medium thick hair have the best of both worlds, as you don't have too much hair to handle but also it is not fine and flyaway. You can use pretty much any conditioner you like. A note: if you suffer from oily roots, then only use the conditioner on the ends of your hair and take through to the roots only once a week.

Thick hair - if you have lots of lovely thick hair, when you use conditioner will depend heavily on the dryness and length of your hair. For dry hair try and intensive conditioning masque once a week on to of your already existing conditioner. For normal hair that is long try using a moisturising conditioner to help de-tangle your long locks, and finally for oily hair again use conditioner but only on the mid lengths and ends to help rejuvenate the dry ends and restore the oil balance.

Remember hair oils are great for use in-between conditioning treatments, especially if your hair is coloured, dry or over processed and in need of some de-tangling and moisture.