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Behind the Brand
Institut Esthederm Sun Care Range
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Institut Esthederm has been developing skincare lines and treatments in Paris for nearly 30 years. Their research and design centre is now based in the heart of French Provence, and consists of pioneering researchers, dermatologists and nutritionists who are all experts in their fields. They are constantly working to develop formulas for effective new Institut Esthederm products based upon an innovative vision of life and skin, called: Skin Ecology.
Institut Esthederm view the skin is an ecosystem that needs treating with great care and respect. Their researchers take into account the interaction between your skin and its surroundings (bearing in mind seasonal changes and life cycles) in order to develop skincare that trains your skin to adapt perfectly to its environment. Institut Esthederm believes your skin reflects your whole wellness and their skincare range aims to harmonise both your body and mind.
Part of Institut Esthederm’s philosophy is based upon the fact that skin is programmed to live for a long time and therefore should be treated on a long term basis. The skin is a fragile, living organ of the body and its cells are designed to regenerate for more than 100 years. Institut Esthederm believes that skin ageing is not inevitable, and accordingly all of their products are developed to maintain your skin in its optimal state at each stage of your lifecycle.
Everyone’s skin already has all the resources it needs to stay in balance however, overtime skin cells appear to lose their ability to work at an optimum level. Institut Esthederm’s skincare range is formulated with active ingredients designed to re-educate your skin to help it regain control and recover its full capacities by restarting its lifecycle.
Unique to Institut Esthederm, Cellular Water has been created from years of research and is designed to have a composition identical to the water that naturally exists in your body. This water provides your skin cells with the optimal environment for health and development. When you apply Institut Esthederm’s Cellular Water to your skin it optimises the energy and activity levels of your cells, whilst supplying freshness, vitality and radiance. This effective but gentle ingredient guarantees exceptional tolerance for even the most sensitive of skins and will leave skin feeling revived, nourished and luminous.
Intense hyaluronic serum 30ml Intensive hyaluronic cream 50ml
Institut esthederm
Institut Esthederm sun care products are designed against the popular trend, as they adapt the skin to the sun in perfect safety without the use of an SPF. Even sensitive, intolerant or hyper pigmented skin will find the ideal skincare for any kind of sun that will meet all expectations.
Tan enhancing lotion 250ml
Institut esthederm adaptasun normal tanning spray 150ml
Tan Enhancing Lotion 250ml
A calming, soothing and hydrating after-sun body lotion, ideal to extend your golden tan. Find out more »
Adaptasun Normal Tanning Spray 150ml
Quick, easy to use body spray. Ideal for tanning quickly and safely in normal to strong sun. Find out more »
Institut esthederm
Adaptasun normal tanning body lotion 250ml Adaptasun sensitive tanning face cream 50ml
Adaptasun Normal Tanning Body Lotion 250ml
Body milk, perfect for tanning quickly under normal or strong sun. Find out more »
Adaptasun Sensitive Tanning Face Cream 50ml
Especially for fairer skins, this face cream is ideal for tanning without sun burn. Find out more »
Everyone knows overexposure to the sun is dangerous and the innovators at Institut Esthederm were highly concerned by the fact the only suncare products available on the market were focussed around the SPF system.
SPF measures the risk of sunburn but not the risk of ageing, or photo-sensitisation, so the researchers and dermatologists at Institut Esthederm created a range of suncare products to support the skin’s natural functions.  
The aim is to adapt skin to the sun rather than overprotecting it. When skin is constantly deprived of sunlight, it loses its ability to protect itself, namely to tan. Institut Esthederm Suncare however, lets through just the right amount of sun to re-train skin to defend itself, tan and enjoy the sun. Skin cells are left protected from sun damage and the attack of free radicals and this Suncare range even allows fair skins to tan and intolerant skins to bear the sun.
Find your ideal sun protection with our prescription table below.

RESULTS: Comforted, repaired and soothed skin with increased tanning potential for a longer-lasting more glowing tan.

Let us introduce you to Institut Estherderm Paris. Their skincare products are well respected within the beauty industry and with over 30 years’ experience, they are true pioneers of skincare.