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AcnEase Directions For Use
Weight Mild Acne Moderate (A) Acne Severe (B) Acne
Below 14
stone (90 kgs)
8 tablets/day
4 tablets 2 x day
8 tablets/day
4 tablets 2 x day
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
Above 14
stone (90 kgs)
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
18 tablets/day
6 tablets 3 x day
(A) If you have chronic moderate acne the dose for the first month should be increased to the 12 tablet/day regimen for the first month. Then the dose can be reduced to 8 tablets a day during the second month. For those individuals over 14 stone (90kgs) with chronic moderate acne an initial 2-4 weeks of 18 tablets/day may be necessary.

For individuals with chronic severe acne an initial dose of 18 tablets/day for 2-4 weeks may be necessary. Once noticeable improvement is achieved the dose may be reduced to 12 tablets daily. For individuals with chronic severe acne and weighing over 14 stone (90kgs) the 18 tablet/day dose may be needed for 2 months.
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AcnEase Clinical Test Results

AcnEase has been studied in clinical trials performed for the treatment of Acne in patients 15-31 years of age due to overproduction of androgens or estrogen. (see results below). AcnEase has also been shown to be effective in older individuals with Chronic Acne.

These results demonstrate that in adolescent Acne approximately 95% of the patients responded to AcnEase. In people above 31 years of age the level of effectiveness dropped slightly to 80%. The overall positive response rate to AcnEase treatment was therefore 91%.
Since AcnEase was developed to correct bodily imbalance its beneficial effect is not restricted to Acne. Improvement in Rosacea and digestive related problems associated with Rosacea and Acne have also been reported following treatment.
Clinical Test Results*
Age Groups Number Treated Cured % Responded** % Effective*** %





















* Data summarized from Chinese NDA submission.
** Responded = those that improved but did not show a complete recovery at the end of the first course of therapy.
*** Effective = the total number of patients cured or responded.
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AcnEase Testimonials
Below are some genuine testimonials from AcnEase customers:
Work-out Acne
"I have suffered from serious acne on my face, shoulders, and back since the age of 13. It cleared up somewhat once I finished puberty, but came back with a vengeance when I started working-out regularly about 2 years ago. I tried all the usual over-the-counter stuff like face-washes and creams, but those did nothing. When that didn't work, I tried more serious measures like anti-biotics and Accutane. I showed minor improvements with anti-biotics but they upset my stomach, while the Accutane made me terribly tired and unmotivated. When I found Acnease online I figured I would give it a shot, and it has worked GREAT for me without any side-effects.
I started on 8 pills a day, which worked for my face after about 3 weeks of usage. I had to increase my dose to 12 pills (4 pills, 3 times a day) to finally cleared up my back and shoulders, which took an additional 6 weeks. Now, for the first time in 10 years my body is completely clear of blemishes!
I am now on 6 pills a day as maintenance, which I sometimes move up to 8 pill if I am training particularly hard for a period of time. Thank you for a fantastic product."
Bodybuilding Acne
"The acnease product is unbelievable! after 6 years of trying everything i finally got results. It's been about 4 weeks for great results and i saw awesome results in about 2 to 3 weeks. Even as a bodybuilder and all the supplements i take i still don't breakout! i hope everyone tries acnease because it gives results when everything fails. i never thought i would get this much results after years of doctors and medicines! thanks again and good job for a great product!!!
... This is Daniel again to tell you that this product is great! I've seen the best improvement in years with AcnEase! Could you send me 5 more boxes with my information down below!..."

Moderate Adult Acne
Female, 31
"Just a note to say I LOVE AcnEase!!! I am 31 yrs. old and have been suffering with chronic mild-to-moderate acne since the age of 18. I began seeing a dermatologist at that time who prescribed Retin-A and oral antibiotics. My face cleared up, but continued to be extremely oily and I had to stop the Retin- A after a year or so because I could not take how harsh it was on my very fair and sensitive skin (at one point, I was unable to tolerate ANY sun exposure!). I also developed an allergic reaction because I was on antibiotic therapy for so long. When the doctor tried other antibiotics that I could tolerate, they were not as effective. I eventually started taking birth control pills and using Proactiv which, if I was very careful and extremely diligent, seemed to control the breakouts so they were not as bad, but the extremely oily skin remained. Through the years, I have also tried different skin care lines - from drug store brands like Oxy and Clearasil to higher-end products like Serious Skin Care and Murad. I would have some success, but nothing worth the redness, dryness, burning and irritation they all caused!
About a month ago, I just happened across your website while surfing the web. I decided to give AcnEase a try since another $76 wasn't going to make a difference when I considered the probable thousands I'd spent over the last 13 years. Well, I've been using AcnEase for about 3 weeks at 4 tabs twice daily, and I AM AMAZED!!! I began to see improvement after about 10 days and now I notice the oiliness decreasing - so much so that I stopped the Proactiv cleanser because it is now too drying for my skin. It would be a miracle if I could throw out all the products I've been using to achieve mediocre results and have great results by just popping a few pills a day! Not to mention the hassle I endure maintaining my "regimine" while on vacation - ever try fitting an acne skin care routine into a camping trip? Not easy! And the beach? I love it, but the sun doesn't love me when my skin is so sun-sensitive due to my skin care products.
I just reordered another month's supply and can't wait to see the improvement 2 months on AcnEase makes in my skin. It already feels calmer - LESS RED, A MIRACLE! - and less oily, more refined in texture, and just less tempermental in general. In about 6 weeks, my husband and I are taking a vacation to St. Thomas for our 1st anniversary, and I hope to have consistently acne-free, dependable skin by then.
Thanks a million! You are providing a great service that goes deeper than just the surface of people's skin. Please don't ever stop making AcnEase - it works!"
Acne Rosacea
"Thank you very much for your help. I have had very good service with you.  It is the ONLY product I have ever found to actually work for Rosacea/Acne."

Cystic Acne

Female, 22
"I am just like many sufferers that have used every prescription and over the counter medicine to help with my acne problem. My dermatologist wanted me to try accutane but I was skeptical of all the side effects and I was sick of putting foreign chemicals into my body. Surfing the net one day, I ran across this site and decided it couldn't hurt to give it a go. I have been using it since July 2002 and it really has made an improvement. The key is to take it at the same time everyday and try not to miss doses. I still get some breakouts, but they are not as bad as before. The main thing I like is that it has cleared my cysts all together. They weren't necessarily visible, but I could definitely feel them and they hurt! So my experience has been a positive one and I would recommend it for anyone that would like relief from acne in an all natural way. The only cons I can point out are they are expensive and have a funky taste if not swallowed quickly with a lot of water."
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